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Conditions of sale

Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd Refund Policy

1. No responsibility can be accepted by the Company for damage to under floor piping, cabling, etc. (unless the exact locations of any obstructions are given in writing prior to the installation).
2. This estimate is valid for 14 days after the date of receipt, after which the prices ruling at the time of acceptance may apply.
3. The sizes as quoted for the widths of carpet are approximate. This can vary due to several factors, and the tolerance conforms with British Standards Institute No. 3655 allowing for a variation of +- 1.25%.
4. A small percentage of wastage sometimes occurs with fitted carpets. Every effort is made to minimise this wastage whilst, at the same time, ensuring that the work is carried out in a satisfactory manner.
5. Existing carpet should be taken up by the customer before the new carpet is laid. Should this not prove possible, prior notification must be given to the manager of the carpet department and a charge will be raised for lifting and removing customer’s own property.
6. It is essential, wherever possible; to ensure that stair carpet is regularly moved to effect evenness of wear. (In a number of cases it is not possible to move fitted stair carpets).
7. This estimate does not allow for the removal and easing of doors in the event of the new carpet being too thick for the existing clearance.
8. Plain carpet may develop shading with use due to pile pressure. This is in no way detrimental to the durability of the carpet.
9. When using broadloom and body carpets in one fitting. It is occasionally found that variations occur in colour and pattern. Every effort will, of course, be made to ensure as exact a match as possible but no guarantee of matching can be given.
10. If fitting is to be carried out on a wood or tiled floor, the surface must be such that satisfactory fitting can be affected and no responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused to tiles.
11. Kenbro Carpets reserves title for all goods until payment in full is received.

Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd Refund Policy – Tiles

1. A ‘Return’ is classified as occurring after the 28 day cancellation period.
2. You can return any resalable Products (that haven’t been tampered with or changed in any way) to us within 28 days of purchase for a full refund.
3. Only full boxes of the same tiles will be refunded. A customer can purchase odd amounts of tiles at any time but is only entitled to return full boxes. The tiles must be a stock item (excludes order in items) and a receipt must be shown as proof of purchase and the refund will be made via the original payment method.
4. Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd reserve the right not to refund if the Products are deemed as not being in a resalable condition, if there is no proof of purchase, or if the Products are returned after the 28 day period. We aim to process all refunds within 10 working days.
5. Refunds will only be processed once the Products have arrived with us and we have inspected their condition and deemed them to be suitable for resale. Original delivery charges will not be refunded.
6. Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd inspect all tiles for faults/breakages/imperfections as they arrive in the warehouse and prior to leaving for the customers use. It is the customer’s duty to inspect their products before leaving the store.
7. Customers must alert Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd of any imperfections/faults in the tiles prior to laying them. If the tiles are laid, Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd will not be liable to refund/replace the tiles at any point.
8. Some variation in shade or pattern often occurs in ceramic products; therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the material supplied is of an acceptable colour, shade, size and type before fitting, as no claims can be accepted thereafter.
This is particularly important when material is collected by a third-party.
9. We encourage all customers to purchase and wait for delivery of their tiles before they book their tiller. Although Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd use only reliable manufacturers, hold ups can occur. Delays such as tile breakages (upon delivery to our warehouse), lorry break downs, and traffic delays are not Kenbro Discount Carpet Warehouses Ltd responsibility. We will aim to get your tiles in good condition and remedy the problem as soon as possible. If you have booked your tiller prior to receiving your tiles, we are not liable for any lost time or money and cannot offer any compensation for this occurrence.